With the sounds of a water fountain trickling and spreading the tranquility as well as the gorgeous flowers sprouting and trees blooming with buds, most people want a beautiful garden in their home to call their own. The idea of having a garden is something many people would like, and now you can offer them that opportunity when you purchase a rental property at Balmoral. By purchasing a rental property at Balmoral, you’re not only able to rent out a gorgeous, lavish  house but you’re also able to offer them the amenities as well, such as the gardens your renters have access to.

Balmoral is home to eight extraordinary gardens and one area for children to play in while you stroll around. These eight stunning parks and gardens are such a beneficial addition to our community because it combines peaceful living and nature in a fantastic manner.

The tranquility of our gardens help you get away from reality for a little while. What’s neat about these gardens is that you can enjoy nature, which is just a walk away. You can see unique sightings in our garden that will brighten up your day and provide a real treat as you amble through one of our eight parks. In the parks, you can see the beautiful butterfly garden, bird garden, waterfront pavilions, citrus groves, children’s playgrounds, putting green, and more features that will leave you feeling at one with nature.   

The gardens you can explore at Balmoral are:

  • Hyde Park
  • The Monarch Garden
  • Greenwich Park
  • Play Place
  • Kensington Gardens
  • Covent Gardens
  • Ascot Gardens
  • Richmond Gardens
  • Victoria Park

Each of these parks or gardens will offer the guests in your rental properties a place to check out and be in nature as well as let the kids burn off some energy at the play place, which has swings and a jungle gym. If you want to purchase a rental property, then call today.