Why stay in a hotel when you could have your own private, luxurious place to vacation in when you’re in Orlando with family or friends? That’s our perspective when we sell our investment properties in the Balmoral premier resort.

In the Balmoral community, a person can visit Orlando, FL, without having to worry about a hotel and instead stay in a beautiful, luxurious house. If a family or a group of friends is going to visit Walt Disney World, SeaWorld Orlando, LegoLand, or Universal Studios, a person is going to want to vacation in a beautiful house with friends and/or family.

Balmoral is a community in Orlando where we sell investment properties. You can rent out your home when you’re not there for a few weeks at a time, so everyone can enjoy a luxurious stay so close to Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, Lego Land, some great shopping outlets, golf courses that are ranked in the Top 100 Modern Courses in Golf Digest, as well as other exceptional attractions that any family or friends could enjoy.

When you invest in a property in the Balmoral community, you can expect a high end luxurious house that has anywhere from three to eight bedrooms. Balmoral is a luxury resort that allows the renters access to tranquil parks, lakes, gardens, and a waterpark. If you want to buy a home to rent out to people who want to stay in a fully equipped resort, then our luxury houses are a perfect purchase for an investment property. Whether you want to rent it out all year long to different people who love coming to Orlando or if you want to rent and enjoy it for a few weeks out of the year, you’ll be able to benefit from an investment property in the beautiful resort of Balmoral. Contact us to learn more!