Most people who come down to Florida want to take at least one swing on one of the many lush, beautiful golf courses in the area. Golfing is one of the greatest pastimes for those who live in Orlando. From the top golfers to the father and son who want to enjoy a game every Saturday morning, golfing in Orlando is an amazing way to pass the time.  

Balmoral is proud to call a few of those gorgeous golf courses neighbors. If you own a residential real estate property in Balmoral, then your renters will be able to take advantage of some beautiful golf courses, some of which are nationally ranked in the Top 100 Modern Courses by Golf Digest. One of the golf courses that are closest to Balmoral is the Southern Dunes. The Southern Dunes is periodically rated as one of the best golf courses in the entire State of Florida. That’s pretty impressive if you ask us!

In addition to one of Orlando’s most celebrated golf courses already being closeby to Balmoral, there is also Ridgewood Lakes. Ridgewood Lakes is one of the most renowned courses due to the layout. This golf course was created by architect Ted McAnlis. Ted Anlis is a renowned architect that has created many gorgeous golf courses. Other than these two superb golf courses being within a short distance to Balmoral, your renters will also have access to over 100 other golf courses. Each of which is only a short drive away. Orlando is one of the top golfer’s most beloved places to golf and now your renters can enjoy these lush golf courses once you invest in residential real estate.

If you’re interested in purchasing residential real estate in the Balmoral community, then contact the Feltrim Group. Whether you purchase one residential real estate property from us to rent out or several, you’ll be in a prime place to provide access to a myriad of activities for your renters.