When you purchase property in the resort of Balmoral, you’ll provide your renters with beneficial access to several entertainment attractions such as Lego Land, SeaWorld, and Walt Disney World. Another benefit to purchasing residential property to rent out in the Balmoral area is that your guests can have access to an exclusive and luxurious club. Yes, Balmoral has a clubhouse that makes staying at this resort even more desirable. The clubhouse is a facility that’s fully equipped and located in the middle of the resort. It’s one of the biggest advantages to purchasing property to rent out at Balmoral.

In the clubhouse, a person can do a multitude of things from meeting the family to enjoying the amenities that are offered. When you mention that you are renting out a luxurious three to eight bedroom house in Balmoral, you’ll want to highlight the clubhouse with its many functions. Whether it’s a friend of a family that wants to rent out your residential property, they’ll enjoy the many amenities that the clubhouse has to offer. The clubhouse has a movie room, reception area, games room, and a fitness center. It also has a resident bar and restaurant as well as other amenities that make any trip to Orlando, FL, better.

The clubhouse can offer your property rental something a little extra with its:

  • Movie room
  • Reception and concierge area
  • A fully equipped fitness center
  • Poolside restaurant bar and grill
  • X-Box games room   

The clubhouse is a great facility that makes it more simple for your guests to enjoy Orlando in all that it has to offer. The Balmoral wants to make sure that whoever visits our community has a great time. Whether you want a simple delivery order from the concierge or recommendations for the best place to enjoy a delicious supper, our clubhouse has any type of guest’s interests covered.