The Attractions Around The Rental Property

The neighbors to Balmoral are fun, entertaining, and one of them is the happiest place on earth. You’ve probably figured out that we’re not talking about actual neighbors, but all the things that are a hop, skip, and a jump away from the rental property in Balmoral. Yes, that’s right, we’re talking about amusement parks such as LegoLand or SeaWorld for the kids and adults and golf courses for those who want to get in a round on some of the best courses in the State of Florida.

In today’s blog, we’ll be going over all of the fun and enjoyable things your guests can do when they stay in a Balmoral home. When you purchase a rental house in the Balmoral community, those staying in the home can take advantage of the many neighbors in the area. These neighbors are much more entertaining than the neighbors at home and they are just a stone’s throw away, which makes it even easier to get to these fun activities. If you’d like to purchase a rental property in the Orlando area, then check out the Balmoral community. Feltrim Group can walk you through what you should know to become an owner for a rental property in this charming neighborhood.

What Attractions Are Around Balmoral?

So what can your guests do around Balmoral? A lot, actually. While there’s a lot to do in the community, there’s even more when you step foot outside of Balmoral. As a rental property owner, you can advertise to those families, friends, and others who would like to stay close to the parks without having to pay an arm and a leg to do so. When you advertise the rental property, make sure to detail how your renters can visit each of these amusement parks and for the folks who love golf, there’s some fantastic courses that are rated as the top golf courses in the State of Florida.

Walt Disney World

Kids, teens, and adults alike love coming to Walt Disney World because of all there is to do. Not only are there an array of theme parks to visit, but you can meet characters, see live entertainment, and eat at delicious restaurants. Walt Disney World is a place for anyone of any age to visit and have a good time. From water parks to animal kingdoms, Walt Disney World is a fantastic time for the whole family.


LegoLand is a kingdom of fun! From the Land Of Adventure to Imagination Zone, kids and adults will love how great this place is and even the adults will find some fun things to do. There is also a waterpark to cool down in the hot Orlando heat. This Lego-themed resort has everything that your guests can imagine. From going on rides to wining and dining, your guests will love being so near to this amusement park.

Universal Studios Orlando

The next resort has everything from Harry Potter World to Blue Man Group. Universal Studios Orlando has a little something for everyone. What’s neat about coming here is how your guests can see all of their favorite movies such as The Mummy, Men In Black, and Shrek. Staying at Balmoral and going to Universal Studios Orlando during the day can help you settle down after a fun-filled day in the park. After all, with so much fun going on, you’ll need to take a break in a quiet area.


Full of rides, coasters, animals, and fireworks, going to SeaWorld is a great experience. It also helps to support animal rescue support. One of the best neighbors that we have at the Balmoral community is SeaWorld because of how much fun it is while your guests have an opportunity to learn about animals.

The Golf Courses

In addition to the amusement resorts, we are also near an array of beautiful and lush golf courses. The golf courses that we are near range from the Southern Dunes to Ridgewood Lakes. Each of the golf courses in the area are built beautifully and look gorgeous. They are also all within a short distance to the golf courses in the area. Your renters will absolutely love the easy access to over 100 golf courses.

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